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Me, Gee, Will & their Family

Helpful Staff at the Arnolfini

So this is what happens when you pass your phone over to the bar staff at the Arnolfini Cafe/Bar. Not only do you get a really nice photo of you, your friend and her family, you get a photo of the erstwhile photographer as well. #priceless.

You’ll be glad to know this wasn’t the only good part of the service. There was a great range of foreign beers (Will enjoyed one), the coffee was good – great Americano – and they brought the little ones free babycinos (without us asking). The food was yum (and the portions generous; particularly of the kids pizzas, thankfully they had pizza boxes so Gee could take the substantial leftovers home!). Plus (as you can see in the photo above) the kids had drawing books and pencils, which despite us arriving in the lunch rush a server took time out to bring them over, chat to and engage the kids, which was really nice.

I’m looking forward to going back… In the meantime I’m hoping our local contemporary art gallery, mima, take a leaflet out of the Arnolfini’s book when they re-design their cafe next year.