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My So Called Life

I’m not quite sure what reminded me of the greatest teen-drama ever made this evening (and the only one I bought, or rather had specially imported from the States as they never saw fit to sell it here), but I found myself on YouTube watching this:

And if I had ever got round to ripping my DVDs into mp4s I almost certainly would have dipped back in (yeah I don’t own anything with a DVD player anymore, though I sensibly backed up my raw DVDs before I got rid of the last one).

It was only one season long and was released when I was very much a teen, but it covered every possible point of teen angst (even my own) so perfectly it’ll forever hold a privileged corner in my heart.

What I was really astonished to find out (and yes these trips of nostalga are often fueled by google) is that our own Rayanne Graff (the teenager your parents hoped you didn’t emulate) had ended up married to lord, or rather an Earl…

And yes I know, it’s a Daily Mirror link, but I only click such trashy links, when enticed by “Where are they now” headlines about old favourite shows… (it’s not like the Guardian regularly publishes such “news”…)